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We would love for you to Join us this Sunday at 10 A.M. While you're here, take a look around, watch our latest services and find out more about coming events.  We are looking forward to helping you on your faith journey at Harmony. Discover more by checking out our service in person Sunday at 10 A.M. or by exploring more below:

  • I'm New- find out a little more about who we are, what to expect and the next steps.
  • About Us- discover more about our beliefs, mission, purpose, vision and values.
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  • Media/Resources - these pages are filled with the latest worship services, Right Now Media- a video resource filled with more than 14,000 + videos on practical life issues, questions and circumstances and even 1,000' for the kids.  Another resource called True Life that offers answers to some of life greatest questions that will also empower you to learn and share more about Jesus.