COVID-19 RegathEring plan

REGATHERING PLAN- Specific to Phase 3

Harmony Baptist Church, Avon IN

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We’re excited for the opportunity to expand our ministries that are back and meeting in person on campus into Phase 3. This Sunday August 2nd our Childrens Ministry and Student Ministry returns to in person meetings on campus. What an indescribable journey we have been on since March. It’s been challenging to say the least, but God has been in control. I would say we can look back and truly speak, sing, and shout about the goodness of God!

As we have previously shared, our staff and leaders have worked with other pastors and church teams across the country to develop our regathering plan for coming back to campus. 

Our regathering plan is broken down into four basic phases

PHASE 1: All ministries stay online through June 6th.

PHASE 2: Began Sunday June 7th. In Person Gatherings on Sunday Mornings. All ministry options will still be available online.

PHASE 3: Begins Sunday Morning August 2nd. Our Childrens Ministry will begin having in-person ministry on campus. This will include Nursery- 6th grade. On Sunday evening @ 6 PM  4:12 Student Ministries will be back! Please read the entire letter for more details. 

PHASE 4: Details will be shared later. Our Staff and church leaders will monitor Phase three and prepare for a “Celebration” of all God has done during this Covid-19 journey and our return to fully functioning ministries. 

Throughout each phase we are committed to remain Sanitized, Safe, and Spacious as we continue to regather in person at Harmony.

PHASE 3 DETAILS – Starting Sunday August 2nd 


  • We hired an outside company to treat the inside surfaces of the facility with a Micro-Shield. This treatment will kill the virus on contact for up to one year. 
  • We clean and sanitize our facility on a regular basis consistent with guidelines. 
  • We will sanitize and clean as needed before, during, and after service.

Safety – Not only for yourself, but for others

Be sure to ask the following questions on behalf of our entire church before attending a Worship Service:

  • Am I showing any flu-like symptoms such as cough, fever or chills, trouble breathing/shortness of breath, new loss of taste/smell, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea? 
  • Have I had a fever of 100.4 or higher in the past 14 days?
  • Have I had prolonged exposure to someone who has tested positive for
  • Is there any medical reason why I shouldn’t be around others?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we strongly encourage you to attend Harmony online to minimize the potential of exposing others or potentially being exposed to people who may not be exhibiting any symptoms.

  • Our Staff and Volunteers will be screened for temperatures before services. 


  • In order to follow CDC guidelines and recommendations, social distancing – keeping a distance of approximately 6 feet – is always strongly encouraged when at the church.

Sunday 10 AM Worship Service

  • Additional Safety Precautions
    • Masks are recommended and will be available for those who need them. 
    • Please continue to practice Social Distancing. 
  • Details for Sunday AM beginning Aug. 2nd (Worship service lasts 1 hour or less.)
  • Doors open at 9:45
    • To the best of your ability, please follow social distancing guidelines while entering/exiting the facility. (Thank you for all you are doing!)
    • Nursery-6th grade Childrens Ministry is back in person.
    • Next Gen Ministry Volunteers will check all children in. Our Team will guide or take them to the age appropriate destination- the Nursery or Founders Chapel.
    • The nursery will provide a safe and sanitized experience for your children and allow you to enjoy the service.
    • Our Next Gen Team has put together an incredible experience to welcome back children up through the 6th grade. So bring them back to music, games, videos, a lesson just for them and much more. It’s going to be a hit! (Masks will be provided and social distancing will be practiced as much as possible.)
    • “Busy Bags” will be available for parents who wish to keep their children with them in service. (We do encourage you to let them be a part of our Childrens Ministry experience.) 
    • Parents- please pick Children up from the Nursery or Founders Chapel by using the doors at front of the Family Life Center (by the stage) and making your way to the Nursery or Founders Chapel. 
    • Pray and expect to have an incredible time together this Sunday at 10!


Sunday 6 PM Worship Service (4:12 Student Ministries Only)

  • 4:12 Student Ministry will be meeting in Founders Chapel. 
  • We start at 6 and end at 7:30.
  • Masks Provided and Social Distancing practiced.
  • Worship with the Student Ministry Band
  • Videos, Games, and lots of Fun.
  • Learn about Jesus in a fun and practical way!

We are working on the possibilities of Awana and what it will look like this year at Harmony. Stay tuned for more updates in the very near future!

Wednesday 7 PM Service

  • Will remain online

Life Group

  • In-person and/or online based upon group preference/leadership

I know 2020 has been challenging. Yet, it’s been incredibly rewarding. God is working in many great ways.  As we continue to transition and grow through these times, please remain flexible and follow the guidelines above. They have been put together not only for your safety, but also for the safety of the entire congregation. Let’s pray together, worship together, and believe together that THE BEST IS YET TO BE!!


Sharing Hope Together,

Pastor Jon