Next Steps

Are you wondering what's the next step for you? We believe growing people change. Wherever you are in life, whatever is going on, you will always have a next step to take as you grow. Take a look around and discover the Next Step you can take and discover all that is waiting for you at Harmony.

What's The Next Step?

Have you ever wondered what's next? We all have. That's why we've provided a guide to help you take the next step. The Next Steps information is designed to meet you where you are and help get you where you need to go by taking the next step that is right for you. Whether you're new to church or have been around church for years or maybe you're looking for a church to call home, these steps will help answer your questions and help us help you.


Trusting Jesus as your Savior


We’re glad you’re reading this, and we know that it isn’t by accident. We want to help people come to life and to experience the radical grace that God offers through a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. Keep reading to discover how to live life on purpose. 

You were created for an incredible purpose by God. You see, you were planned for God's pleasure. You were formed for God's family.  You were created to become like Christ. You were shaped to serve God and you were made for a mission.  All of that sounds great and it is. However, there's a problem. That problem is called Sin. 

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23 NKJV) 

And because of our sin, we are spiritually dead and separated from God, unable to experience His purposes as we are. In fact, if we remain as we are, as unforgiven sinners, we will spend eternity apart from God in hell.

“For the wages of sin is death…” (Romans 6:23 NKJV)

But God has the perfect solution!

We have sinned, we’ve lost our way, and we’re sentenced to death as a result, but God is love and God loves us too deeply to leave us lost. Instead, He has taken the initiative to send His one and only Son, Jesus, to earth, to be our Savior, our Rescuer, our Redeemer.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 NKJV)

“But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8 NKJV)

So what did Jesus do for us when He died on the Cross? He paid the penalty for our sins. And because He has paid for sin, He offers us forgiveness, a fresh start, a clean slate. He offers us a new life and a greater purpose in Himself. 

So what do you need to do? You must respond and receive Jesus as your savior. God doesn’t force people to turn to Him and become His children, but He lovingly and openly adopts into His eternal family anyone and everyone who comes to Him by faith in Jesus.

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved… For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:9,13 ESV)

Would you like to receive Jesus today? Simply turn from your sins and trust in Him and what He has done for you on the cross. Believe that He died to save you and rose again to give you eternal life. You can express this belief in a simple prayer, offered from a sincere heart…

Dear God, thank you for having greater purposes for my life. I acknowledge that I have sinned against you and need your salvation. I believe that Jesus Christ, Your only Son, died to pay for my sins and rose again from the dead so that I could trust in Him as my Savior and have eternal life. I receive Jesus today as my Savior and commit to live the rest of my life for Him and for Your glory! Amen.

If you prayed a prayer like this, we'd love to know so we can help you learn about Jesus and the amazing purpose He has ahead for you. Or maybe you have questions and would like some additional help. Send pastor Jon an email by clicking here.  He will get back with you as soon as possible.


Baptism publicly announces our faith, identifies us with Jesus, and symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. It’s the way that God wants all new believers to go "all in” and go public with their faith. It’s a simple act, but it takes great courage.

Keep in mind that baptism is not something that saves us eternally – that happens when we ask Jesus to forgive our sins and be our savior.

Why should I be baptized?

To follow the example set by Jesus. Mark 1:9 "It came to pass in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized by John in the Jordan."

Because Christ commanded it.   Matthew 28:19-20 "19 Go therefore[a] and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen."

It is a step of obedience.  Acts 18:8 "Then Crispus, the ruler of the synagogue, believed on the Lord with all his household. And many of the Corinthians, hearing, believed and were baptized."

1 John 2:3 "Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments."

What is the meaning of baptism?

It illustrates Christ's death, burial and resurrection.  I Corinthians 15:3-4 "3 For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4 and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures,"  Colossians 2:12 "buried with Him in baptism, in which you also were raised with Him through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead."

It illustrates my new life as a Christian.  2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new."  Romans 6:4 "Therefore we were buried with Him through baptism into death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life."

It helps me identify with Christ publicly.  Baptism doesn't save you or make you a believer-it shows you already believe.  Only faith in Christ can save you.  Baptism is a way you can demonstrate publicly that you are a believer. 

Who should be baptized?

Baptism is a command and expectation for every believer who has made a commitment to Jesus. If you were baptized as a child, you may not have made the decision on your own to follow Christ in baptism. If you have not been baptized by immersion since asking Jesus to be your savior, the forgive and leader of your life, we invite you to be baptized at Harmony. 

How should I be baptized?

At Harmony, we believe the Bible teaches that baptism should be by immersion in water as a believer. In fact, every baptism in the Bible was by immersion. (Being placed under water.)

Does baptism make me a Christian? Do I have to be baptized to go to Heaven?

Baptism is something that God commands and expects every believer to take seriously and to go through as an act of obedience. It’s vitally important, but to say that baptism “saves” us or that baptism is required before I can go to heaven contradicts the teachings of the Bible. Jesus told the thief on the cross, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.” The thief had no time to be baptized before dying moments later. Baptism is simply the first next step for a new believer in Jesus.

When can I be baptized?

We set aside at least one Sunday per month. We announce when the next baptism service will be through emails, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on our events page  (we’re really serious about it).

Can my family be baptized together? Can family members participate in my baptism?

Yes. We love to see family members go through baptism together, but we don’t recommend waiting long for family members to make a decision for Christ and we are careful to make sure that kids “own” their own decision for Jesus. We encourage family to come and participate through their presence, pictures and celebration of baptism.

What should I bring on baptism day?

If you wish, you can bring your own shorts/pants, undergarments, and a towel, along with anything else you think you might need. 

How can I let you know I am ready to be baptized or have questions? Let us know by filling out this form here.

                   Discover Membership

                                Discover what it means to be a member at Harmony


We understand that church membership is a big step.  In order to help you take that step we offer Discovering Harmony 101.  This class is usually offered after the morning service, lunch and child care are provided.  The lunch and class will take about 90 minutes total.  During this time we will have lunch together, Pastor Jon will share his heart and vision for the church.  We will also take a look at our history, our future along with our beliefs, our structure, how you can get involved and the expectations of members at Harmony.  This class is offered the first Sunday of every other month.  Fill out the form and we will answer any questions you might have and help you get registered for the next Discovering Harmony 101. 


  You were shaped to serve God

Join a Serve Team

At Harmony we believe that each person is uniquely shaped to serve God while serving others. We encourage people to get involved and start serving as soon as they can. Some ministries and serve teams will require that you are a church member at Harmony or have passed a back ground check.  Other ministries are open and ready for you to step right up.  What are you passionate about? What natural talents do you have? What is your Spiritual Gift? What kind of experience do you have? These are just a few questions that might help you discover the right ministry to connect with and start serving here at Harmony.  We'd love the opportunity to help you become a part of a serve team.  To discover more about our serve teams check out the serve page and find a serve team that is right for you.  

Find the right serve team by clicking on the link below.

Life Groups

Connect in a Life Group

Life Groups

Life Groups are small group Bible studies that take place in people's homes, locations in the community, on our church campus and other places. Life Groups are the perfect way to hear more about who Jesus is and also build community with others at the same time. Whether you're a member or not, joining a Life Group is a great next step for you.

Discover more about Life Groups by clicking on the link below.