Our Mission, 

                                   Purpose, vision & Values

Our mission

  We exist to change our community and our world by

   growing passionate followers of Jesus that

Love God and Love People.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to glorify God by helping people Love, Grow, Serve and Go live a life of purpose for Jesus.

  • Love- You were formed for God's family

    FIRST AND FOREMOST WE MUSE LOVE GOD WITH ALL THAT WE ARE. God loves us and we are encouraged to love others.  At Harmony, we want to introduce you to the love of God, the Salvation that He alone can bring and the incredible plan He has for your life.

  • grow-you were created to become like christ

    WE CONTINUALLY STRIVE TO GROW AND BECOME MORE LIKE JESUS.  Part of God's plan is for every Christ follower to become more like Jesus. We make every effort to help people grow in their relationship with Christ.  We also make every effort to grow in numbers.  Numbers matter to God because every number has a name, every name has a story and every story matters to God!

  • serve-you were shaped for serving god

    WE COMMIT TO DISPLAY GOD'S LOVE THROUGH SERVING OTHERS. God shapes and gifts each one of us so that we can serve Him while we serve others. There are many serve teams that are open to become a part of.  There is a serve team waiting on you.

  • Go-you were made for a mission

    STANDING STILL IS NOT AN OPTION; WE MUST GO AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE. At Harmony we focus on the Great Commission of reaching our community and the world for Jesus.  We make every effort to reach our Neighbors and the Nations. 

                                            Our Vision &


Our Vision: Together we Dream of...

  • Praying Together. It's the vision of developing a culture and commitment to praying big, bold, passionate prayers together.  It's the vision of praying with and for each other. We pray for the salvation of our family and friends, for our community,  for every seat to be filled and for God to help us change our community and the world! We believe as Dr. Falwell said-nothing of eternal significance happens apart from prayer.  
  • Serving Together. Imagine every member connected to a serve team and actively using their talents and gifts to advance the Kingdom of God in our community and around the world. Together we will help others discover their spiritual gifts and serve God while serving others.
  • Connecting Together in Life Groups. The dream is for every member to grow through Life Groups, The Discipleship Experience, care groups or another group experience that build our relationships with Christ and one another.
  • Being on Mission Together. Through local outreach in our communities, global missions, church planting efforts and more we dream of reaching neighborhoods and the nations.
  • Creating a Culture of Generosity. The early church was marked by sacrificial and generous actions that caused neighbors, rulers and leaders to take note of what was going on.  We pray and strive for that same spirit of generosity to be the description of Harmony.
  • Reaching the generations for Christ Together. Through intentionally and strategically developing ministries for the young and the young at heart. We will focus on those who are not here yet by creating engaging and life changing environments for every age. Harmony does not just exist for those who are already here.  Harmony is for all of those yet to come. 

Our Vision and our Values go hand in hand.  What we value will be where we direct our attention, affection and abilities. So when you read our vision and our values, they are not just a statement, they are a part of our DNA. It's who we are and what we do.

Commitment to Scripture

Commitment to scripture

We are committed to the Bible.  We teach, study, read the Bible so we can live the Bible.  The Scriptures are God's guide to life. Whether it's a Sunday morning gathering, a group setting or the direction for daily living, we look to God's word as our guide in all that we do. (2 Timothy 3:16)

Commitment to Prayer

commitment to prayer

We pray big, bold passionate prayers.  We believe prayer makes the difference in our daily lives.  We pray with and for each other.  Jesus said, " My house shall be called a house of prayer..." Jesus valued prayer and we do too. If you have a prayer request submit it here.  We would love to pray for and with you. Share your request here.

Commitment to Community

Commitment to community

At Harmony we value people and we value relationships. People matter to God and people matter at Harmony. We make every effort to make sure no one goes through life alone.  We were never meant to try and live the Christian life alone.  We were made for a relationship with God and with others.  At Harmony we value our main worship services, but at the same time we value the connection and community that takes place in smaller group gatherings, like life groups, care groups and even serve teams.  Find a Life Group Now!

Commitment to Serve

commitment to serve

Jesus came to serve not to be served.  We are spiritual contributors not spiritual consumers. Every member and attender has a place to serve! Based upon the truth that flows right from God's word we discover that some of the greatest people in scripture were also the greatest servants.  Jesus himself, was the greatest servant.  He instructed us to love and serve others.  The Bible teaches that everyone who knows Jesus as their savior has a spiritual gift to use for serving God.  We would love to help you discover and develop that gift and help you grow in your relationship with God by serving.  Find a serve team thats right for you here.

Commitment to Sharing Hope Together

Commitment to sharing hope together

This commitment takes us outside the walls of our church and often our comfort zones.  Jesus is our hope and He clearly commanded the church and every Christ follower to share this hope.  Here at Harmony we understand that life without Jesus is really life without hope for today or for eternity.  We will make every effort to reach every person in our community and the world with the hope of Jesus.  We are committed to Sharing Hope Together in our neighborhoods and the nations. Discover more about missions and outreach here.