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Preparing for the Future

Protect The Past or Plan and Prepare for The Future? Those are the choices we face as a church.  One is a choice to follow our own tendencies and the other is a choice to follow Jesus and the mission He has given to the church, which is make disciples . In order to make disciples we must plant and prepare for the future.  We are continuing to see lives changed, more families and individuals are coming to Christ and to Harmony.  In order to keep that going we need more parking spaces. Really, this isn't about parking spaces, this is about families, children and  individuals like you, that need a place to park when they attend church, which could be for the very first time.  Together we can help make parking for future families a reality and have the opportunity to help them become passionate followers of Jesus.

Parking Expnasion Benefits

How will this benefit Harmony members and those who have yet to come?
  • More than 50 additional new parking spots to the west of the Family Life Center
  • More First Time Guest Parking will be available.
  • More handicapped spots can be added
  • It prepares us for the future needs of Harmony

What will it cost?  The parking lot expansion investment will be $75,000. Keep in mind, we are investing in families, children and individuals to have the chance to become more like Christ. The initial investment will be more than offset by longterm growth and the blessings the expanded lot will bring.

How can we do this together? First-pray and ask God for His guidance and provision.

Second realize that together we can do this.  Currently we have 150 parking spots that are full.  If those parking in the spots could give above and beyond for a one time gift of $500 or make that over a period of weeks, that would pay for the entire lot.  If that same 150 could give a $250 one time gift half of the lot would be paid for upfront. These are just examples of how we can do it together.  On Sunday November 18 we will receive our annual Thanks Giving Offering.  This offering will go toward the Parking Expansion project this year.  Pray about how God would have you to give generously in this effort.  If you are ready to give then click GIVE NOW and make your generous gift to the building fund. Thank you for your faith and generosity.